Creation for Pontus Lidberg Dance, seven dancers
First performance: December 3, 2010
Original Score: B Tommy Andersson
Light Design: Patrik Bogårdh

"In Pontus Lidberg’s hands the myth of love and war is transformed into one of the best dance performances I have ever seen. Much of the work’s tremendous effectiveness stems from Lidberg’s fantastic way of envisioning imagery and his ability to think cinematically. One favorite amongst a series of scenic highlights is the duet between Lidberg himself and the accomplished Oscar Salomonsson. Together they form a fighting couple who both love and reject at the same moment. There is something destructive in their patterns of movement, a sadistic element that indicates the division in sharing both a bed and a battlefield. A caress that extends into a blow, an embrace that is much too violent, perfectly read gestures that say a great deal without ever being over-explicit. B Tommy Andersson’s music, sensitively performed by the NorrlandsOperan’s symphony orchestra and specially composed for Warriors, is classically melodic and together with Patrik Bogårdh’s simple but expressive lighting, provides a lyrical and atmospheric framework to Lidberg’s powerful tale. The final result is a grippingly powerful and spiritually beautiful war epic."
"In the second act, Pontus Lidberg lets the sun rise over naked warriors when a large spotlight is hoisted to the ceiling, but this fighting army presents itself not with warlike acts, but with love. He who has done his ancient Greek homework will remind himself of the warriors from Beotia who lived in couple relationship – the soldier’s love for their respective (soldier partner) made them invincible. (Well, until in 338 BC when it was crushed by an apparently more invincible army from Macedonia). The dancers move like unpainted marble statues whose greyish-white color fade to blue in the face of war trauma. For every battle flakes of broken marble fall down over the stage – the world has been broken – but they are flakes the warriors sweep aside to continue to live. The survivors’ grieving aspirations and loving interactions are portrayed through both beautiful and laconic movements. It is decidedly very accomplished dancers on stage and they interact with great knowledge of the movement’s possibilities, equilibrists of dance, illustrated and emphasized when presented in a brief solo by Gabrielle Lamb. Warriors is not merely two parts, where the orchestra is one and the dance the other – but it seems many chapters are written at NorrlandsOperan this evening. Music and dance are presented together and reinforce each other in a unique interaction. Seeing the show is to live and die by love and war, it is to take place in a narrative that is an attack on the perception of what life is."